Madeline Goodwin


I received my Master’s in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College in 2016, with a thesis on climate change in state science standards, and her Bachelor’s of Science with a dual major in Environmental Studies & Biology from Southern Oregon University in 2014. As a student at SOU, I began offering tutoring to her classmates, and later to high school students and undergraduates, specializing in (but not exclusively working with) students who are gifted, twice-exceptional, or differently-abled learners. She taught for GHF Online, an online education program that provides small online classes for neurodivergent children. During that time, I offered a variety of classes in environmental sciences, biology, civics, and critical thinking.

When I’m not working with “the coolest kids on the planet,” I enjoy reading, fiber arts, hiking, swimming, board games, spending time with family, and snuggling and playing with my cats.